For the last four years we have been developing a solar thermal augmented 1 kW micro CHP system using our proprietary Rankine engine technology.  Our system couples proven off-the-shelf solar thermal collector technology with our proprietary heat engine and controller which can convert low temperature heat from solar thermal to electricity at high efficiency.  The product can provide households with 1 kW of electricity and 8.8 kW of heating.

Our first prototype was installed at a field trial site with the support of local government partner, the City of Salisbury, in South Australia.  Since then, we have progressed to our 3rd generation pre-production prototype which has reached lab prototype completion and is undergoing testing.  Cogen has been awarded funding from the Australian Government's Climate Ready Program and the South Australian Government's Department of Trade and Economic Development, and is now a leader in Rankine cycle solar thermal heating and electricity generation.


2008 Proto 1

• Conventional Rankine
• Single Cylinder
• Technology Demonstrator

2009 Proto 2

• Reciprocating Rankine
• Lab Test


2009 Proto 2

• Field trial with Local  Government

2010 Mk 1

• Twin opposed piston single cylinder
• Technology Demonstrator

Production Design