Solar Energy

Our solar energy system uses evacuated tube collectors to capture thermal energy from the sun. This heat powers an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat engine which drives an alternator to produce electricity. Hot water is generated as a by-product.  Our ORC engine is a new design which has less moving parts and is cheaper and simpler to manufacture than conventional ORC engines.  These innovations are covered by patents.



Solar hot water, space heating and electricity for your home or business in one system!

Our solar systems will generate 1 kW of electricity, as well as provide hot water and space heating for the household.  The systems are modular and can be readily expanded to 20kW for larger power and hot water requirements.

We believe our technology is well placed to service a niche within the mCHP market which will require a broad portfolio of technology and product mix to meet the needs of various customer segments.  In particular, we believe the use of a proven and reliable technology such as Solar Thermal allows for innovative product positioning alongside other mCHP offerings

By integrating heating, hot water and electricity, the Cogen home energy system is cost competitive with network provided energy and provides a much lower carbon footprint.  


How it works in your home


Ducted air system shown. This integrates well with airconditioning (cooling). Hydronic healing options will also be provided.