How our Technology Works

A heat engine for the future – The most advanced micro ORC heat engine ever developed

The core of our technology is our unique organic Rankine cycle (ORC) heat engine.  The engine is a reciprocating type, optimised for small (<20kW) applications.  It is highly innovative and is protected by several patents.  The innovations provide:

  • mechanical simplicity for low cost and durability,
  • 65% of Carnot efficiency
  • electronic control for optimum efficiency at all operating states,
  • Virtually vibration free and silent.

The electronic control of vital engine parameters allows the operating parameters of the engine to be reconfigured on the fly, providing optimum efficiency under varying heat and load conditions.  

Our technology has been proven in extensive testing and is now being developed for production.  The first product to be released is our solar electricity, heating and hot water system.  Our micro CHP and waste heat recovery products will follow.