Norwegian turbine expert visits Cogen

Norwegian gas turbine guru Bjorn Hande of Hande Energy has visited Cogen Microsystems to take a look at Cogen's latest technology. 

Bjorn (pictured left with Cogen's CEO Paul van de Loo) was visiting Adelaide for a local conference when he stopped by to review our latest data and chat with our Technical Director.

After a tour of Cogen's facilities Bjorn was shown the latest techncial developments and data obtained from the Salisbury field trial site.

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Cogen cards of Christmas' past

Each year Cogen Microsystems employs the services of local artist Harry Slaghekke to design Cogen's annual Christmas Card. These cards usually depict slightly comical applications of the core technologies Cogen has developed and are sent to our clients and suppliers to thank them for their support or service throughout the year.

We have taken the launch of the latest card as an opportunity to look back at Cogen cards of Christmas past....













Cogen can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube

Cogen Microsystems can now be found on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

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We also have video footage of our prototype field trial system on You Tube.